Anti 9-to-5 profile: Amy Beekley

July 24th, 2007

amy-beekley.jpgThe anti 9-to-5er: Amy Beekley, Frederick, MD

My job: I am a recruiter, a small business owner, and a blogger within the employment services industry, helping frustrated and frayed individuals find work at businesses that offer flexible scheduling options and family-friendly benefits.

What makes my gig anti 9-to-5: I work through email and the Internet almost exclusively and therefore find myself writing, responding to emails, and connecting with clients almost anywhere and virtually every time I find myself behind a keyboard. Even sticky notes with my article ideas and to-do lists are virtual on my iGoogle homepage.

What I did in my former 9-to-5 life: I worked in administrative positions in the healthcare industry and then in human resources in the engineering industry. Each of my past jobs was unfulfilling and I have never worked for someone else without finding myself bored.

How I made the anti 9-to-5 leap: Working online, I launched my business using entirely free software. My best advertisement has been my blog, capitalizing on the writing process that I love so much. I slowly built readership and the clients followed.

My biggest obstacles: My biggest obstacle has been my utter lack of business sense and networking skills. As a fairly introverted person, I struggled at first even to tell people about the business venture I was starting. My friends were my biggest support and my best marketing device. With faith in my vision to achieve greater flexibility in the corporate world, I have taught myself basic business skills along the way.

My tips for other cubicle expats: Muddling through various admin jobs, I had no idea what my passion was, much less how to capitalize on it. I knew that I loved writing and started the blog as a creative outlet. Even if you don’t know where your passion will lead you, do what you love until you find your niche.

What’s that link again? Flexible Workforce

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