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More media magic

My PR shotI’ve been holding out on you. Actually I took yesterday off blogging because like everyone else, I needed a day to wrap my head around the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech. But now that I’m back, I have media goodies to share:

On Sunday, the Seattle Times ran a Q&A with me. And next Monday, I’ll be answering reader questions in a live online chat. Feel free to post a question. You don’t have to be local.

On Monday, the San Francisco ABC-TV afternoon show “View from the Bay” ran the segment I taped with fellow homepreneur Deirdre Greene during my Bay Area trip. You can watch it here. And if anyone knows how I can save this to my hard drive, please let me know because I am a Luddite when it comes to such things. (To my credit, my technically inclined friend didn’t have a solution either.)

And finally, because I was godknowswhere when these podcasts went live, I forgot to mention that my March interview with Tami Kosch of AM 1090, which bills itself as Seattle’s progressive radio station, is now on the web for your listening pleasure. Here’s part 1 of our chat. And here’s part 2. Aren’t you dying to know how she worked Buddy into the conversation?

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Quick question

Any UK residents (or North American expats in the UK) reading and using The Anti 9-to-5 Guide? I’ve been contacted by a journalist who’s looking for guinea pigs — I mean, people who’ve read the book and found it helpful. If so, email me. Thanks so much.

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Cally recap

bear flagI’m back from my week in the Bay Area. The trip was both hectic and lovely. I’d forgotten that there are places in the world where you can go a week without seeing rain. I caught up with old friends, ate a lot of burritos (in Seattle, the choices are limited to Taco Bell and Taco Del Mar), and stared at Mt. Tam a lot, which was in plain view from the Marin cottage I stayed in, courtesy of my friend Marcy, who was out of town herself. Some trip highlights:

Events: People came. Turnouts were good. I managed to elicit a couple chuckles from the crowd. And sell a few books. All in all, things went well. And Habitat Books and Borders sure know how to make a writergirl feel special. For that, I am very grateful.

Media: I did several radio and TV spots while in town, including a location shoot for the ABC afternoon show “View from the Bay” (sandwiched between “GH” and “Oprah”). Also included in the segment is freelance-pal-turned-mompreneur Deirdre Greene, who now runs the publishing company Roaring Forties Press. We did the interview at Deirdre’s house to show off her nifty home office. I’ll letcha know when that spot airs — it should be fun.

Meanwhile, check me out on the Morning Show on KPFA radio, with Elaine Lee, author of Go Girl! The Black Woman’s Book of Travel and Adventure, mentioned in my book. We were interviewed together about alternative career paths, especially self-employment and travel gigs. (Note: The interview’s at 8:30 a.m., though the show starts at 7.) And here’s a morning news spot I did on KRON 4 TV the Saturday before Easter; I think I could have used another cup of coffee — oops. More than anything, I’m sorry they cut out the anchors singing Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five” at the top of the spot — complete with jazz hands!

Meetups: Met Jill Rothenberg, my book’s fabulous editor who’s no longer at Seal Press, and camped out at the offices of Urban Moto magazine with her (she freelances for them) so I could steal some wireless time. Visited the Seal Press crew, too. Saw my friend Jeff Perlstein, who runs Media Alliance. And spent some time with these fabulous authors/bloggers/webmistresses you should know about:

Biggest lesson learned: Not being wired is a drag. It was crazy (OK, dumb) to think I wouldn’t need high-speed Internet access 24-7 while trying to coordinate interview plans with my publisher and various media producers. Happily, I already checked with the east coast pals I’ll be staying with in May and they all have wireless. Phew.

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Media magic

Seattle Times reviewIt’s been quite the week for big press. First the interview I did with journalist Lynn Thorne for the Washington Post (from the airport! on a payphone because my cell died!) came out. In it, I talk about why I wrote this book specifically for women, what I wished I had known as a budding young freelancer, how disgruntled wage slaves can make their workweek a bit less onerous, and more.

The Post was also lovely enough to call my book “a witty-yet-practical look at what to do if you hit the snooze button repeatedly every workday morning or want to dump a boss who acts like ‘The Office’s’ big kahuna.” (You can read the entire Q&A here.)

Then the Seattle Times ran a review by Kimberly Marlowe Hartnett of three “chick-lit self-help” books (their words) written by local authors, including yours truly and Deborah Reber, author of a kickass-sounding career book for girls, In Their Shoes: Extraordinary Women Describe Their Amazing Careers.

If you don’t want to read the whole review, here are the juicy bits about my book from the article:

Michelle Goodman’s “The Anti 9-to-5 Guide: Practical Career Advice for Women Who Think Outside the Cube” is a must-read for anyone who daydreams about smashing the time clock and feeding her soul. Goodman, who escaped her own cubicle hell 15 years ago, knows of what she speaks:

“My first year as a newbie freelancer, I spent half the day freelancing, the other half doing God knows what, and many an evening canceling social plans so I could cram to make the next morning’s deadline.”

When her procrastinating forced her to proofread an 800-page self-help book over two sleepless days in order to make a deadline, Goodman wised up.

“Honestly, it doesn’t take long to realize the more soap-opera marathons and three-hour lunches with unemployed friends you indulge in, the less rent money you have.”

Goodman interviews other women who have found satisfaction outside the cubicle, and the end result is a realistic, yet still inspiring handbook.

Whee! Thank you, Seattle Times. And finally, if you can’t get enough of The Anti 9-to-5 Guide promo-fest, Seattle’s AM 1090 “Progressive Talk” will be running a radio interview with me (taped in February) this Sunday morning at 7 a.m. PST. Interviewer Tami Kosch was so great, she even asked about my office manager on the air. If, like me, you’ll be sleeping at that time, you can listen to the podcast later in the week. I’ll letcha know when it’s online.

One more thing: I finally updated my Media page, so if you want to see who else has been buzzing about the book, have a look-see.

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The media onslaught continues

KUOWHere’s a 20-minute radio interview I did yesterday (March 6th) with superstar NPR interviewer Megan Sukys on “The Beat,” an afternoon Puget Sound show on 94.9 KUOW that has a bit of an artsy, entrepreneurial bent. Hear what practical steps I recommend taking before fleeing the cube — and how you can avoid the same mistakes I made when I first set out on my own. Have yourself a grand old listen.

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Welcome to my world (wide web) tour

world tour, baby!Dudes, it’s my big fat Anti 9-to-5 World Cybertour, only without the stadiums or rocking concert jerseys. (Though if anyone would like to help design and/or coordinate the latter, I’m all over it. Email me.)

First stop up on the Anti 9-to-5 World Cybertour, one of my top 5 desert island blogs, The Renegade Writer — virtual home of Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell, authors of The Renegade Writer and Query Letters That Rock (two books every freelance writer should have). In my Q&A with The Renegade Writer, I talk about why I wrote a career guide for women, what it takes to work for yourself, and how freelance writers can continuously strive for bigger and better gigs. See for yourself.

There is no official schedule for my Anti 9-to-5 World Cybertour. From time to time, I’ll do Q&As or guest posts on other people’s blogs. And I’ll of course link to them here so you can raise your lighters and revel in all the anti 9-to-5 glory.

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Radio, radio–part 2

JACKfmEvidently I do know JACK. You can now listen to the podcast of my interview with Kimi Kline of Seattle’s 96.5 JACKfm, which aired this past weekend. Kimi and I dish on the dreaded Sunday Slump before the workweek begins, ways to break into self-employment, and what not to do as a newbie fempreneur. Check it out.

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Radio, radio

Jim Blasingame's Small Biz radio showWhat does an author doing a live radio interview at 4 a.m. in her bathrobe sound like? And how does she respond when her interviewer asks if her “practical career advice for women who think outside the cube” applies to guys, too?

Listen to the replay of Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Advocate radio show from earlier this morning to find out. I’m the first of the four interviews on the show.

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The New York Post is colorblind

NYP@workIn this snarktastic roundup of five new business/career books (including mine), the New York Post sets out to eviscerate everything in its path. In the parallel universe that the Post lives in, my book has a pink cover, only appeals to chick lit fans (because everyone knows that’s all Bust and Bitch subscribers read), and offers great advice if you have a rich boyfriend.

Still, I’m honored to be simultaneously deemed a “guru” and dissed by such a well-read publication, along with some high-profile books I saw prominently displayed in my local bookstores. And my boyfriend (who neither supports nor lives with me) was thrilled to hear that he’s suddenly rich.

But he just has one question: When will his big fat Rich Boyfriend Check arrive?

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Check me on the radio

KISW, The RockHey early birds, you can catch my first radio interview ever this Sunday (February 11th) from 6:30 to 7 a.m. PST. The show, “Conversations,” with host Lizz Sommers, which I taped last week, airs on three Seattle stations. I’ll be on for about 30 minutes and will be talking about — what else? — career change for those who aren’t afraid to buck the system. Here’s where you can listen:

If you live outside the Puget Sound area, all three stations stream their broadcasts over the web in real time, so you, too, can tune in and hear what I have to stay about rebooting your career. I will of course be listening to the show on KISW, because as my boyfriend says, I’ll be “sandwiched between AC/DC and Black Sabbath — sweet!”

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