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Diva in Seattle

Adventure Divas, the bookWent to a book talk last night, given by the divalicious Holly Morris, author of Adventure Divas: Searching the Globe for a New Kind of Heroine. A former desk jockey, this quintessential anti 9-to-5er has built her own globetrotting media empire.

Holly was kind enough to answer some of my questions this spring when I was researching my chapter on travel gigs. Her answers were witty and wise and beyond helpful. (For instance, who knew duct tape was the #1 item on every globetrotter’s packing list?)

She was of course even more inspiring to hear in person, probably because her biggest fear isn’t change, or the unknown — it’s not living life to the fullest. (I mean, if you came across a Saharan camel race, you’d enter it too, right?) But rather than list Holly’s impressive adventure travel C.V., I’ll point you toward the Adventure Divas website, where you can find all the blurbage and synopses you need.

A fair number of people in the audience last night seemed to want to run away with Holly on her next adventure abroad. Lucky for them, Adventure Divas now offers international tours for the public, modeled after the documentaries Holly and co. (including her mom Jeannie!) produced for their PBS series. First up, a travel writer’s paradise in New Zealand, then a pilgrimage to India, then a lush romp through Peru.

Remind me again why I’m still here in dreary, gray Seattle?

1 comment November 21st, 2006

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