Anti 9-to-5 Author SmileFor media inquiries:
Andie East
Seal Press
1700 4th Street
Berkeley, California 94710

For event bookings:
Michelle Goodman 

Contacting Michelle:
I love hearing from readers, fellow freelancers, and fellow media professionals. But due to my desire to sleep more than four hours a night, I can’t respond to everyone’s questions about freelancing, book publishing, and career change. I am, however, available for private coaching sessions starting at $100/hour if you’d like to schedule some time with me; email me for my availability. One-hour coaching minimum required.

Frequently asked questions:
Please read before emailing me. There’s a good chance your question is answered below.

Q. I want out of the cube but don’t know what to do to next. Any ideas?
A. Read The Anti 9-to-5 Guide.

Q. How do I get started as a freelance writer, editor, designer, etcetera?
A. Read My So-Called Freelance Life.

Q. Can I pick your brain about how to take my freelance writing career to the next level?
A. Email me for my coaching availability ($100/hour; one-hour minimum).

Q. Can I pick your brain about how to write, sell, or promote my book?
A. Email me for my coaching availability ($100/hour; one-hour minimum).

Q. I have a question about a client from hell, a client I’m trying to land, the fact that I haven’t been able to land any new clients, or something else having to do with the freelance life. Can you help?
A. Can you pay me for my time? Because if not, the answer is no. Sorry, but a girl’s gotta bring home the bacon. Email me for my coaching availability ($100/hour; one-hour minimum).

Q. I have a quick question about my freelance taxes. Can you help?
A. No. I’m not an accountant or a tax preparer. If you have a question beyond what’s already been covered in my books and on this blog, I suggest contacting a tax professional who specializes in working with freelancers, contractors, and small business owners.

Q. Will you review or promote my book/product/website?
A. No. I’m currently spending my spare time promoting my own stuff.

Q. Can I write a guest post for your blog?
A. No. Due to time constraints, I’m not taking guest posts at this time.

Have a question about something else? Email away: